So, Supernatural. Several links  to share.


Supernatural-Season Two Finale: About Dean and Sam

Supernatural – Running up that Hill: About John Winchester and the deal he made. Not too many of those.

And for all things SPN, the Supernatural Wiki. Some useful info, but beware as you search there. Some crazies will show up and scare you. For real.

Squidoo’s  Supernatural Music List (1-4) w/ lots of other videos and tidbits.

TV IV’s Supernatural Music List (seasons 1-4)

MR: Can you talk a little bit about Sam and Dean? Between them, is it pretty rocky or do they just kind of move on and go back to hunting together? Do you have it mapped out?

EK: Yeah, we certainly have the main emotional sweep of the season mapped out. Sam’s part for the season is primarily one of redemption.  He has a lot of wrongs to set right. For Dean, it’s a little bit about understanding what his role is, but having the strength of character to do the right thing.

I mean, Dean’s story has really always been — both boys’ stories have been — [about the same thing]. The core concern of the show is free will versus destiny.  And when you’re destined to do something, can you rail against it?  From Sam’s perspective, when he’s destined to do something and then he has fulfilled that destiny, which was to end the world, how can you come back and be redeemed?

And so they both have their stories. But I always say that it’s about them coming together, because the story is really not about one or the other; it’s about the bond between them that’s called brotherhood.  It’s about this connection of the two of them.  The two of them being one unit is for us really what the story is about.

And people online, they get furious — alternately furious and upset — or they throw their arms up because they think we’re focusing on one brother or the other, and some people are Sam fans, and some people are Dean fans.  And in my mind, anyway, you know, they’re both on completely equal footing because the story is about the two of them being intertwined.  For me, the story is about, “Can the strength of family overcome destiny and fate, and can family save the world?”