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‘Avengers: Infinity War’ director explains why a major death had to happen so early in the movie





Co-director Joe Russo says Thanos ultimately murders Loki “for disobedience.“ 

“Remember, he [Thanos] had a relationship with Loki, even if it was
off-screen where he entrusted him with a duty in ‘Avengers 1’ and Loki
failed,” pointed out “Infinity War” screenwriter Stephen McFeely.      



“He’s [Thanos] making him [Loki] pay,” added Joe Russo.       

“Thanos has a long memory,” McFeely concluded.        

Except that they didn’t write it that way. It wasn’t Thanos that said ‘hey, I’m going to kill you for failing me years ago. Instead they wrote a scene that basically had the bad guys preparing to leave and they made Loki interrupt them so Thanos could kill him.

The entire beginning scene was just written horribly. A battle obviously had just taken place and they had lost. Dead asgardians all over. Yet HULK is supposed to be a surprise move. You expect me to believe that he was hiding behind a rock while all the asgardians died waiting for loki to say ‘we have a hulk’. That Heimdall is going to waste the very last of his magic to send a guy he just met out of harms way and not use it for one of the prince’s he’s known for over a thousand years? That Loki is going to DROP the tesseract instead of using it to transport him and Thor the hell out of there? That Loki with all his power, magic, tricks is going to try and kill Thanos face to face with a little dagger.

Those first five minutes definitely set the tone for the movie, it told me that the Russo brothers don’t give two shits about continuity or staying true to their characters. They are a ‘I need to get from point a to point b so I’m going to have characters do OC shit and make things happen that don’t make sense in the universe I’ve created so I can get to the outcome I want.’ type of writer and they suck. They couldn’t even bother to look up how old Thor is.


Here’s an idea: Have the characters with a relationship to Thanos be important to the fucking plot. The audience will be far more invested in that then whatever you’re doing where Thanos ~knows~ Tony. Nothing against Tony–I like him–but honestly they had Loki and Gamora and Nebula and instead of making them vital to defeating Thanos, they decided to force this connection between characters that do not have one, and kill and/or under use those who had that established connection.

It’s bad bad bad bad bad bad bad (I cannot possibly write enough bads) writing.

Infinity War is extremely poor storytelling with predictable, meaningless deaths, several of which are unnecessarily brutal in their depiction (to the point that they’re legit triggering) and are the catalyst for a whole lot of screen time dedicated to the manpain of other characters (Thor, Thanos, and Quill).

I was thinking they were probably just going drop the whole story where Loki was concerned,like what happened when he fell from the bifrost, how did Thanos get ahold of him, him being tortured and threatened, ect. and go on and act like none of that ever mattered or was important. It’s like Marvel is trying to give all the motivation to the Avengers, and they want all the attention on them. Nothing against the Avengers, but Marvel starts stories and doesn’t finish them. Loki started out having a major role in this, and now he’s not even there. I knew when they showed Banner telling Tony and Strange that it was Thanos behind Loki’s attack on New York, that that was probably the only time it will ever be mentioned.

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‘Avengers: Infinity War’ director explains why a major death had to happen so early in the movie





And the best headline of the year goes to….

you guys I found the article and it’s fantastic

they did in-depth interviews with 137 scientists and about 35% of them mentioned Dawkins unprompted, and about 80% of those were apparently just desperate to tell someone how much they hate him

28% of scientists hate Richard Dawkins so much that they just start spouting off about his bullshit unprompted.









Hey, do you know that feeling of hitching up a long skirt so you don’t fall on your face when walking upstairs, and then you immediately become a wretched yet resolute Jane Austen character? It’s a universal thing, right?

It’s like resting a laundry basket against your hip and suddenly you’re a long-suffering peasant woman, wondering if you’ll survive the winter.

a shawl wrapped around the shoulders and you’re wandering the moors in a Brönte novel, feeling melancholic

Looking out the window at the rain and you’re a love-stricken newlywed wondering when your husband will return from the war.

Long skirt billowing behind you while to go down the stairs, you’re a proper Lady in a flowing ball gown being introduced at a fancy social function.

Hair blowing in the wind and suddenly you’re hovering on a cliff by the sea, staring out into the waves and praying your merchant husband will return from his voyage across the ocean

Hood up against the rain and wind and you’re a medieval abbess defying the weather and travelling on foot with your people to find a place to establish a new community.

Wiping your hands on your apron and you’re an 18th century kitchen girl rushing to let in the delivery boy you secretly love.