Clothing and Costumes


Mod Cloth I can never visit this site without wanting something!

Clockwork Couture Steampunk fashion at its most unique and stylish

The Victorian Trading Post I like their selection of boots, parlour games, etc.

The Scarf Company There are many scarves I like and even more company, but for day to day scarf goodness (and my wristlets), they are my favorite.

Mad Bomber Hats Um, I live in a very cold winter clime. These are a necessity.

Jessica May Bridal This really belongs in my wedding edition post (created from all the fun goodness my sister and I found while putting together her wedding), but I love this designer’s dresses sooo much!

Finale Glove The home for all your glove needs.


Chantal Mallett

Free Period Clothing Patterns

Regency Reproductions

Pride & Prejudice Costumes

Timelord Coat

Jayne Hat from Firefly

The Costumer’s Guide to Movie Costumes

Ever After Costumes

Violet Baudelaire’s costume from A Series of Unfortunate Events

Rivendell Bridal

Quote of the Day:

“There’s stories and then there’s stories. The ones with any worth change your life forever, perhaps only in a small way, but once you’ve heard them, they are forever a part of you. You nurture them and pass them on, and the giving only makes you feel better. The others are just words on a page.”
— Charles de Lint ~ Dreams Underfoot (Newford, #1)


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