All Lovely Things

I was pleasantly delighted (and very shocked) for my blog to receive an award from author Sheila A. Nielson. It was a first and it certainly made by day. Thank you, Sheila! Now that I have received it, I am supposed to pass it on to other “lovely” blogs. And therefore, I nominate the following blogs:

Angieville: The book blog of Angie Thompson. I love reading her reviews and book news and finding my next best read.

Squeaky Books: The blog, mainly dominated by bookish things, of Enna Isilee.

Bookwyrm Chrysalis: A YA Fantasy book blog by Cassandra Richoux. This was the first book blog I ever read:)

Sarah’s Journal: The blog of author Sarah Beth Durst. I love her Obscure Fairytale posts.

Gail Carriger: The blog of author Gail Carriger.  Her posts are almost always fun and interesting.

Those nominated are supposed to pass on the award, but that is up to them. There are so many wonderful blogs out there… I just know that these five are fun and informative and bookish. So check them out.