Psych (Or find the pineapple)

Psych is USA’s brilliant comedy-mystery series that is partly about crime-solving, partly about fitting in obscure 80’s references and totally about having a zany, fun time. Oh, and finding a pineapple.

Five Reasons to watch Psych by icycolour @ luminous-rose.

Those reasons are pretty accurate. Great cast, they have a ton of fun, its  lighthearted. The one thing that I wish they would do is resolve issues. They open up these huge issues between characters, most specifically Shawn and his dad Henry and then they leave it unresolved. Please, please stop doing this. For instance, has Henry ever told Shawn he loves him or hugged him in his life? I am still watching to see how that father/son relationship is developed. I felt that when Shawn learned the truth about his mom leaving and how his dad tried to protect his mom even then by taking the blame that we should have seen a shift in their attitude toward one another. Especially on Shawn’s part when he realized that his dad was not who he had thought him to be all these years. But it ends before anything meaningful is said and by the next episode it is forgotten or so it would seem…

And there was this one part in “Spelling Bee” where Shawn gets run off the road while riding his motorcycle by the villain and has to go to the hospital overnight. It does not appear in the episode that Henry knew everything that had happened. Then, in “Cloudy with a Chance of Murder,” Henry tips off the cops about Shawn’s illegal parking and gets his bike impounded. He and Shawn then have this spat about Henry having always hated that bike, esp. since Shawn’s “accident.” Are they referring to the accident in “Spelling Bee”? Considering that Henry explodes and says something like “Fine, do whatever you want. Just take me off your emergency contact list so that the next time you get hurt they don’t carry you through that door bleeding,” or the like. He may just have been making a point or referring to another accident. I wasn’t sure, but it was interesting. And if he was referring to the “Spelling Bee” one, why wasn’t he contacted when Shawn was taken to the hospital, since when Shawn comes back to the house the next morning with his brace on, Henry had no idea, or seemed to have no idea of what had happened? I am looking at the far too closely, but I’d like to know.

Anyways, season four started this month and it looks like a good year, with a lot of fun, wacky episodes, and some more serious ones too. One with some background on Lassy, one where Shawn takes a shot, etc. The only thing I am definitely not looking forward to is them having Shawn and Abigail date. Meh.

Fridays @ 9 pm on your USA channel.


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