Six seasons, going on 7th this September, 2009.

I love best the humor of the show, a lightheartedness not often found, esp. in “crime-solving” shows, much less in such abundance. They have a great cast, who work well together and really sell the idea of a working unit that functions more as a family. You have Dad (Gibbs), stern, demanding, authoritative and feared, the undisputed leader and patriarch. He is honorable. He also has quite the protective streak and an affection for his team (read kids) hidden beneath his brusque, cold demeanor. Then there is the cocky older brother (Tony), bit of a womanizer, especially so in the first few seasons, but who is finally maturing, always ready with a joke or quip. Sometimes tries too hard to be respected and in control. And the eternal younger brother (Probie), dutiful, a bit geeky, dull by comparison to his flashier elder sibling, even if he may be the ‘nicer’ person. Kate was the perfect older sister, classy, dignified but with a lot of heart and concern for everyone. Abby is the quirky, eccentric little sister, always doing her own thing. She can be a bit clueless at times and is highly idealistic. Sweet and brilliant, she is cared for and doted on by Dad. And the  boys too. Ducky is the charming great-uncle, with his stories of traveling the world and hundreds of anecdotes and minutiae, ever the gentleman. At last there is the … (this one is tricky because of romantic complications)  girl that is staying with the family from overseas, who never has actually had much of a family and finds that here there is a place where her own unique skills are appreciated and where she is valued as a person, but trouble from her family back in the Middle East might hurt her new family irrevocably.

I love Ziva’s mix-ups with English, esp. idioms. Her Lovely Heart did a neat picspam about that at IconLovely: Here

All the names Tony comes up with for Timothy McGee/ Probie. And I could not forget to mention the headslaps and Gibbs’ rules.

Watch a vid of them here.


1. Never screw over your partner. This rule supersedes all other rules.

1. Never let suspects stay together. (Yankee White)

2. Always wear gloves at a crime scene. (Yankee White)

3. Don’t believe what you’re told. (Always) Double check. (Yankee White)

3. Never be unreachable. (Deception)

4. The best way to keep a secret? Keep it to yourself. Second best? Tell one other person – if you must. There is no third best.

4. Never say you’re sorry ( Don’t apologize ). It’s a sign of weakness.

7. Always be specific when you lie. (Reveille)

8. Never take anything for granted. (Probie)

9. Never go anywhere without a knife. (One Shot, One Kill and Missing)

11. When the case is finished, let it go.

12. Never date a co-worker. (Enigma)

13. Never ever involve a lawyer/lawyers. Things are bound to turn nasty. (Collateral Damage)

15. Always work as a team. (Leap of Faith)

18. It’s better to seek forgiveness than ask permission. (Silver War)

22. Never, ever bother Gibbs in interrogation. (Smoked)

23. Never mess with a marine’s coffee ( if you want to live ). (Forced Entry)

38. Your case, your lead. (Bounce)

Some repeat b/c apparently the writers cannot keep them straight and there are gaps for rules that have not yet been revealed. Hopefully they do reveal them all when the series ends. This was as accurate as I could make it.


My favorites are Gibbs, Abby and Ducky. Gibbs because he is a leader and honorable. He cares passionately for his people. He’ll protect them at great personal cost.  Abby because she is such a fun, quirky character and I wish she would get more time in the episodes and more exciting stuff to do. Ducky because he is such an amazing man and I love when he is rattling over minutiae and random facts or telling about “that one time when I …”.


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